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7:00pm - Wednesday Night Prayer

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Why Do We Give?

“A Sense of Gratitude…”

We give because it is an act of worship. There is something special about giving back to God generously from the crazy generous way He gives to us. Plus, it also helps us to be grateful for whatever we do have when we remember that every single thing we have is from God. Giving is just as much worship as singing songs; there are many ways to worship God, but this one is fun because we get to see what God will do with our gifts.

“Using Temporary, Finite Resources to Build an Eternal, Infinite Kingdom...”

We give because we recognize that nothing we have can last forever, but that we have the opportunity to use these temporary things to contribute to something that can impact all of eternity! God can and will use our short-lived resources of time and money to bring His goodness to earth and His love to all people.

“Obedience to Scripture…”

We give because God tells us to give in Scripture, but more importantly, because God gives to us at every turn. The Bible teaches about sacrificial giving through the gift of God's only son Jesus. In fact, we believe that Jesus asks us to practice sacrificial generosity all the time. You could say this is the set of training wheels for living a generous life in all areas (time, money, skills, connections) because being generous is tough!

We also give because we desire to cultivate generosity within ourselves. We have found that whatever invest our money in, we care about even more. That means that obeying God's command to give selflessly will always come before the desire to sacrifice! We have learned to love sacrificial giving by being obedient to God before we actually want to give. We often pray that God will "help us want to want" to do the things we desire to do: give, serve, and believe!

Simply put: we give because we love Jesus.

If you want to partner with God (and New Life Wellington) by giving financially, we have a special time for this during our weekly gatherings.

Online  giving is a great way to set up "reoccurring giving" so that you don't need to remember your checkbook (and your gift of generosity to God really can be the first thing you spend money on every paycheck). If you want to set up online giving, we have partnered with the Ohio Network Resource Center to provide this service during the Coronavirus Pandemic; they take 0% of your gift and are excited to partner with us. Every gift can be given in a spirit of worship and joy, even online! You can give online here:
If you have more questions about online giving, we are here to answer them. Please reach out via email ; we have a document that explains the process and can send this to you and answer any follow up questions you might have.

You can also mail checks to the church at 108 West Street, Wellington, OH 44090.

We can't wait to see what God does with all that we invest in His Kingdom.