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9:30am - Sunday Vision Mining
10:30am - Sunday Morning Gathering
7:00pm - Wednesday Night Prayer

Office Hours Are Intermittent; Please Leave a Voicemail for Assistance: 440-647-3483

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About Us
Who Does Your Church Want to Be When You Grow Up?

We have been discussing this for months! How did you know?!

We have decided we want to be the kind of church that does a few things, but most of them have to do with loving God and loving our neighbors. We think that this pair of activities were the most important things to Jesus, and our goal is to be like Him!

Is New Life Wellington a Brand New Church?

Well, not exactly. Our church has been in Wellington since the 1950's, but we have recently re-started our church. Simply put: we cannot wait to meet you. Our favorite part of re-starting is getting to meet our neighbors! We have been a sleepy church for far too long; we're ready to stretch our legs & start moving. You will likely see and hear more from us in the coming months, I'm sure. Oh, and be sure to 
stop by at First Fridays and try out a special (free) treat from us this month! We're there every time.

What Should I Expect If I Attend a Sunday Morning Gathering?

At New Life Wellington, we know visiting a new church for the first time can be intimidating. We want to make sure you feel welcome and comfortable when you come for the first time. Our pastor wears jeans, leather boots, and a blouse, but the church family wears everything from suits to t-shirts and shorts (year long in some cases)! We are a pretty relaxed bunch, but please wear whatever will make you feel most comfortable.

From the moment you stroll in the doors, it is our goal to make you feel cared for and relaxed. Someone from our greeting team will meet you near the door with a smile, a service guide, and basic information.

Our experiences are meaningful, creative, and spiritually engaging. Each experience kicks off with a time of live worship music, which is often a blend of modern music and traditional songs that has our guests standing. We have a time of giving to support the work of God through our church and the missionaries we partner with as a church. 

Then, we greet one another--sharing hugs, high fives, and handshakes; it often feels like a quick family reunion. After that, our Pastor shares a biblically-centered message that’s always honest and challenging, empowering you to apply Jesus’ words to your daily life. We like to end our teaching time with a few minutes of discussion. Don't worry -- everyone is very friendly and this is a low-pressure environment.